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Help! Managing multiple check-ins

Explorer C

Hi! I have a trip planned in a month that involves 17 people all on the same flight. My confusion/stress comes that we booked in 3 "waves" and I am trying to figure out how I need to handle check in:


Group A: 11 people on a group booking 

Group B: 3 people (including myself)

Group C: 3 people


I made all 3 of these bookings although my airline ticket is in group B. I know that I check in Group A through a separate process for group booking. But that is about all I have figured out.  Do the 6 people comprising Groups B/C need to check themselves in individually? Is it easiest for me to do collectively as the trip planner for the group?  Can I even do that? Am I going to screw things up if I check in the group booking on the website and myself as part of Group B on my mobile app? 


I don't care too much if we are all sitting together or near each other I just want to get us checked in as close to the 24 hours as possible.


Somebody walk me through the best plan here. Thanks!


Re: Help! Managing multiple check-ins

Aviator A

Did you book group A through the group booking desk?  Sounds like you have that part figured out so that's good.  If the remaining 6 people have reservations made through the standard booking process on or over the phone then yes, they need to check in.  If all of group B is on one confirmation number and all of group C is on another confirmation number then one person can check in for the entire group, but it would be 2 separate check-ins to cover everyone.  If you have the confirmation numbers and a name of a passenger in each of the two groups then you could complete the check-in on their behalf.  Just go to, click check-in and enter the confirmation number for group B's reservation and your name since you are in the group.  After that is complete repeat for the group C using the name of a passenger in that group.

If each of the remaining 6 have their own confirmation numbers then you could repeat the process for each individual or give them the info to do it themselves.



Re: Help! Managing multiple check-ins

Aviator A

So if you have all 3 confirmation numbers and know 1 name on each reservation you can check in all the reservations. 


For the group reservation (booked though the group department) once you click check in it will ask if you want to check everyone in you click the checkbox to do that and it will give you all boarding numbers. For the other 2 reservations it will check everyone in once you click check in (no selecting who to check in) 


How to check in all the reservations: I would have 1 reservation set up to check in on a phone 1 on a computer 1 on a tablet (or just 3 devices) that way at T-24 hours you can click check in on all of them at the same time. If you only have 1 device available do the group reservation first so the majority are checked in and maybe they can save the other few a seat. 



Re: Help! Managing multiple check-ins

Aviator A

@bec102896 wrote:

 If you only have 1 device available do the group reservation first so the majority are checked in and maybe they can save the other few a seat. 



If you only have one device , you could open three different browsers - one for each of the three groups. You would not have to enter information three times as t-24 passes.