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Holding/Transferring Checked Luggage on multi-leg trip

Explorer C

Hi all, I have a multi-leg trip where I will stop in OAK in the morning for a doctor's appt, and then fly on to my next stop at 5pm. So a full 8 hour stop-over.


I called SW and they said to not claim the bag in OAK but to let the bag stay on the carousel so the baggage folks will pick it up as "unclaimed" and then take to their claims office until I can claim it later. I thought that was really risky. I guess I could sit nearby to monitor the bag in case someone random steals it.


Is there any way I can have the bag just be routed all the way through to the final destination, or are they forced to release the bag because it's not a direct transfer flight? 


Re: Holding/Transferring Checked Luggage on multi-leg trip

Aviator A

Because yours is not a connecting flight -(ie Dallas - Chicago with a change of planes in St Louis) on one ticket, but instead is two tickets and two flights, I suspect you cannot check it thru - especially with an 8 hour layover..


The question is  "would an option be to pick up the bag and then take it to be checked in for the later flight." How long before a flight can you check a bag? I don't know the answer to that question.


I know you can't check a bag today for a flight tomorrow, but for one later in the day - maybe.

Re: Holding/Transferring Checked Luggage on multi-leg trip

Aviator C

Pretty sure baggage check usually opens 4 hours prior to the flight. You can have the missing luggage folks get it, but yes, you do run the risk of something happening - a risk that's taken everytime your luggage is out of sight. 

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Re: Holding/Transferring Checked Luggage on multi-leg trip

Aviator A

This very thing is one reason why I don’t book those “multi-itinery” flights because I don’t understand how baggage claims works or if you have to go through security again at the airport (or not). I’d rather not deal with the complications and have it all on one itinerary.