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Re: Horrific Customer Service

Aviator A

@chgoflyer wrote:

The incident with Kevin Smith was nine years ago. And was essentially a misunderstanding related to the Customer Of Size policy, which has since been revised to make it easier to access and reps given direction regarding sensitivity when enforcing the policy.


I'm a larger person, but not quite a COS, and have never really understood the anger at Southwest, who gives a COS an extra seat on the plane for free. I assume some people are very sensitive about their weight and adverse to any extra attention drawn to them, which is understandable. And the occasional Southwest rep may not handle the situation with the necessary tact. But if someone qualifies I suspect they are aware of their size, and if they take the necessary steps to be given a free seat ahead of time there should be no need for any embarasment.

Including show up early, as I understand it COS includes pre-boarding to ensure that a seat is available. For many reasons someone might arrive at a gate later than expected though and then not board at a time when there are two seats together which has caused some of the postings on the community. 


For whatever reason either under their control or not under their control (i.e. connections) it could be a stressful time acquiring two seats, or not getting the second seat.



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Re: Horrific Customer Service

Explorer C

@chgoflyer  Hi I totally agree people find anything and everything to complaint about. If they don't like SW well my situation is to find another airline right?. People are something now and days. 

Re: Horrific Customer Service

Explorer C

Middle Seat - Of course I've contacted them. Many times. LIE and DENY. Did you miss that part?

Re: Horrific Customer Service

Adventurer A



On July 30, 2019, at 4:38 PM, you wrote a post titled “JULY 1 Flight 2617 to Seattle” where you mentioned being removed from a Southwest plane. Then on August 14, 2019, at 2:30 PM, on that same thread, you mentioned speaking with a lawyer about that incident, which you vaguely describe as “[…] I was just asking questions […]”.


On that thread, and now on this new one, you don’t want to describe the situation you were involved in (e.g., what questions were you asking?). Essentially, you simply call Southwest bad names.


This is an open forum. When a story seems incomplete, some of us sometimes ask questions. I'm just a Southwest customer. Seeing the way you replied to jksobonya (Jessica), you’ll probably also accuse me of being part of “the squad” (whatever that is).


I don’t think this is the appropriate medium for you to obtain the answers that you desire, in a situation where a lawyer is already involved. Robot wink