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Houston to Mesa, 12/25

Explorer C

I was just rebooked as per the Southwest app but it shows no other information. Anyone have any insight?


Re: Houston to Mesa, 12/25

Aviator A

Does it show confirmed? Did you get an email? 



Re: Houston to Mesa, 12/25

Explorer B

Me and fellow passengers received the same notification on the app yesterday, as our flight was canceled, but we still had to wait in line for 3 hours to get to an agent to actually rebook a next flight. If less than 24 hours, you should be handed a new boarding pass. If not, check in via the app 24 hrs before the flight.

Re: Houston to Mesa, 12/25

Aviator A

Actually, a computer automatically rebooks people on to the next available flights with available seats. It happens without the intervention of a person. Using   confirmation numbers  passengers can see their new flights via the app or via RR members will be able to see the new flights upon logging in to the website..


Also don;t assume that if the new flight is less than 24 hours out, that you will automatically be assigned a boarding position concurrent with the rebook. That does not always happen