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How does boarding work at Punta Cana?

Explorer C

Can someone explain how the boarding process works at Punta Cana.  I know that often you get the bus from the terminal to the plane.  So how do they keep everyone in their boarding order?  I'm wondering whether to do Early Bird check in, and how do they enforce it there?  I've flown out of Punta Cana before but not on Southwest.  


Re: How does boarding work at Punta Cana?

Frequent Flyer A

Hey there,


I've never flown out of that airport, but I'd assume it's very similar to the airport. Maybe each group is bussed over? I'm not sure. If you tweet @SouthwestAir on Twitter, an airline rep may be able to provide more details.


Let us know what you find,


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Re: How does boarding work at Punta Cana?

Aviator A

I don't recall if it was Punta Cana or not, but there was a post along the lines of boarding the bus according to position and then a melee off of the bus.


It may be possible that you should forgo EBCI and just take it as it comes. 


I have found EBCI useful for international flights however where you may not have internet access to check in - to avoid being the last person to check in at the airport maybe EBCI has some additional value.



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