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How many Checked Bags?

New Arrival

When I purchased my tickets I was told we was allowed one checked bag. I see on the website it is now two checked bags? Can someone tell me the bag policy? I have not flown since I was a kid and this is all new to me. My family has never flown. 


Re: How many Checked Bags?

Top Contributor

Welcome back to flying.


Southwest allows every passenger two free checked bags. If a bag exceeds 50 pounds or 62 inches in dimension (Height + Width + Length) there is a charge.


In addition you are allowed to carry two items on the plane with you. The max size of one of the bags would be 10x16x24. That would fit in the overhead compartment.


The other must fit under the seat in front of you that space is 18.5x8.5x13.5


Have a good flight!