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How many hours in advance can I buy upgraded boarding

Explorer C

I have the SW CC and have 4 priority boarding upgrades per year. I have purchased them before, so I know that I have to get it the same day as my flight, at either the ticket counter or at the gate. From past experience, I know these upgrades sometimes sell out on longer flights. But how far in advance on that day can I actually buy the upgrade?  Is it when they allow baggage check-in for the flight (3-4 hours)? Or could it be earlier?  For example, if my flight leaves in the evening, could I swing by the airport ticket counter in the morning and buy the upgrade then?  


I have a long flight to Hawaii and I expect there will be minimal business select travelers, so most of the A1-A15 positions should be available for purchase. 


Any insight would be greatly appreciated!


Re: How many hours in advance can I buy upgraded boarding

Aviator A

I don't believe they publish an official time frame, but I've bought Upgraded Boarding at the ticket counter when checking bags approx. 2.5 hours before my flight.


If they're not able to help you at the ticket counter, you can keep checking at any staffed gate -- it doesn't have to be your departure one. (Sometimes the gate desk isn't staffed until an hour or so before the flight departs.)