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How to get Mobile boarding pass for my wife

Explorer C

Me and my wife are flying out in the morning and after checking in this morning on the my SW app I noticed that I'm only able to see the mobile boarding pass for my ticket and for my wife it states to please see kiosk or print ticket. I booked the tickets under my RR account and know I can print her ticket but I was hoping to get a mobile ticket sent to her for convience of not having to carry a paper ticket. Is there a way to do this hopefully?:) If so if somebody could help me out I would greatly appreciate it:)





Re: How to get Mobile boarding pass for my wife

Aviator A

Mobile boarding passes for those on multiple-passenger itineraries are a new feature recently added to the Southwest app. I'm not positive how it works, but I believe she would need to have the app on her phone, and be logged in using her Rapid rewards account info. Then she would see her mobile boarding pass there.


You say you booked under your RR number... does she have one? She'll need that in order to utilize her own mobile boarding pass (and also earn RR points for the trip). If not, you'll need to print her boarding pass manually, either online from a computer or at the airport kiosk.