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Re: “I’m sorry for your **bleep**ty experience”

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@Fransoc, I agree with the poster above -- either buy one of the A1-15 advance seats at the gate, which runs $30 or $40, and that person boards early and saves one seat. Most passengers are very understanding if you're only saving one seat, especially if you've boarded in A1-15. (More may get angry if you try to save three or four.)

Or, of course, both of you could pay the extra and get seats in A1-15.

The system really does work well the vast majority of the time, and it gets easier as you fly SWA more often. I hope you'll give them another chance; those of us who fly them often know that these type of negative reactions from the employees are very rare.

Happy traveling!

Re: “I’m sorry for your **bleep**ty experience”

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If you are going to buy one Upgraded Boarding and then save a seat, at least be courteous and do it in the back half of the plane.

Re: “I’m sorry for your **bleep**ty experience”

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Thanks for coming to the Community and posting about your experience. I think you got some really good insight and information from other Community Members about how to get your best shot at an early boarding position. We want you to enjoy traveling with us, and I hope there will be another opportunity for that in the future. It was not appropriate for our Representative to respond to your questions with sarcasm, and I'm really sorry that happened. It's reasonable that you would be left with a bad taste in your mouth, but I can assure you we appreciate your business and the expectation we have for ourselves is that we are serving our Customers with friendliness and warmth. 


I'm closing the comments on this thread as the conversation has started to veer a little off course.