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Ineligible for EarlyBird Check-In

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I ordered a Wanna Get away Fare for December. When I tried to purchase Early Bird check-in I got this message:


Thank you for your interest in EarlyBird Check-In®. The passengers and flights associated with this itinerary do not qualify for EarlyBird Check-In® purchase at this time.


I had achieved A-List status last year, but have only flown a couple of times in 2019. I don't see the EarlyBird check-in icon on my itinerary, so I don't think I have it. Is there a way to see if I still have the automatic EarlyBird check-in with A-status, or I'm stuck trying to check-in quick and hope for a B section boarding?




Re: Ineligible for EarlyBird Check-In

Aviator A

Short version: as A-List you're automatically assigned your boarding position thus no need to purchase EarlyBird.


Longer version with additional references and detail (and source pages):


  • See this thread, it provides a nice summary without getting to all of the detail I included below:
  • "A-List and A-List Preferred qualification will be based on a calendar year. Once A-List or A-List Preferred status is earned, the Member can begin enjoying the benefits immediately. The Member will maintain A-List or A-List Preferred status for the remainder of the calendar in which the status was earned and for the entire calendar year immediately following." (
  • "Once a Member qualifies for A-List or A-List Preferred status, he/she is entitled to Priority Boarding. This means that Southwest Airlines will automatically reserve a boarding position for the Member 36 hours prior to each of the Member's confirmed Southwest Airlines' flight provided the Member added his/her Rapid Rewards account number to his/her reservation and made his/her reservation at least 36 hours prior to the flight. Priority Boarding will apply only to flights that a Member completes while his/her A-List or A-List Preferred status is active." (same source page as the previous statement)
  • "General boarding starts with Business Select customers, who are guaranteed positions at the front of the A Group, followed by Rapid Rewards tier Members and the remaining Customers in the A Group..." (

Happy flying :cathappy:

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Re: Ineligible for EarlyBird Check-In

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Looks like you earned A-List in 2018 which gives you A-List status until the end of 2019.  Surprise!  Lol, no need to buy EarlyBird Check-In.  You can verify your status in your account, log in on then go to My Account.   At the top of the My Account screen it will say if you are A-List and when it expires.  If you are not A-List it will just say "Member".