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Inquiry about beggage

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I bought three tickets through

However, the ticket does not include free baggage.
Southwest Airlines has free up to 2 luggage, is it free?

We will each carry two luggage. (One 28inch, one 20inch)

If I have to pay, how much do I have to pay for one piece of luggage?
How much should I pay for two pieces of luggage?
Can I carry 20inch luggage onboard?


Re: Inquiry about beggage

Top Contributor

Southwest only sells tickets through their website, so it's not entirely clear what reservations you have made through another site. Regardless, you should remove your reservation numbers from your post as a security precaution.

Regarding Southwest's baggage, there is no charge for up to two checked bags per ticketed passenger as long as the bags are within the allowed size and weight limits. You can find all the details about the limitations and fees at



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