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International Covid Survey form

Explorer C

Can we get a message to the Southwest powers-that-be that this form MUST be completed before arriving at the airport on your day of departure?

If it isn't, the check in agents in Cabo San Lucas allow people to take the time to complete it online while they are standing at the counter.  Therefore, the line to check in is out the door!

The form comes in an email from them while you are vacationing. 

If arriving international flight attendants made an announcement upon arrival to look for it and complete it, that might help. Or, the departure area doesn't allow them in line until it is completed. 


Anyone form Southwest ever look at these posts?



Re: International Covid Survey form

Aviator A

@kehlfamily I imagine that is frustrating. Lines seem to be all too common right now in air travel with travel picking back up.


My suggestion would be to provide your feedback directly to SW since this is a customer community.


Contact Customer Relations 


-A List, Companion Pass holder