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Issue with Early-Bird Check In

New Arrival

I purchased early bird check in for a flight from LAS to MKE.  I was not checked in automatically, I had to manually check-in.  I have verification it was purchased via email and my credit card statement.  I understand that I cannot get a better boarding position as the flight is due to leave in a couple hours.  How do I go about getting a refund without having to contest the charge with my credit card provider for the service not being provided?  Thanks.


Re: Issue with Early-Bird Check In

Top Contributor

Verify that you didn't receive it by looking at your boarding pass -- if you did receive it, it will say EarlyBird Check-In on it.


If you didn't (which sadly does often happen -- the infamous Southwest "glitch") your best bet is to reach out via Twitter. Alternately, you can call Customer Relations at 1-855-234-4654, but the hold times are often very, very long (1+ hour or more).


Good luck!