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Item Stolen From Luggage

Explorer C

Travelers flying in and out of Seattle beware. From my window seat I watched a Southwest Airline Baggage handler who was suppose to be loading luggage onto the plane. He looked at my luggage tag that was a tropical turtle I got from Hawaii. He then yanked it off my luggage and I watched him put it in his pocket. Shame on you dude I saw you do it from the window seat.


Re: Item Stolen From Luggage

Aviator A

You're welcome to submit your comments directly to Southwest. Use the contact us link at the bottom of this page and send a message. 



Re: Item Stolen From Luggage

Aviator C

I doubt this to be true.  It may have been removed because it would interfere with equipment or was already damaged.  


You will have to prove your case.  Southwest hears stories all day long.  Next we will hear that they removed a rare Rembrandt painting from your luggage and sold it on the black market.