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Items stolen from bag

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Just flew from Oakland to PVD yesterday got home and found my Travel Kit was taken and a new tube of Kiehl's shave cream.  The Travel kit was about 30 years old and it's worth was priceless, it was set up just the way I like to use it.  The shave cream cost me north of $25 dollars.  I'm not going to file a claim but based on other post's, SW or the TSA has a problem in Oakland.  No indication inside or outside that the TSA inspected the bag.  I never thought such a minor theft would mean so much to me. 

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Re: Items stolen from bag

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Sorry to hear you had items missing from your bag when you arrived in PVD yesterday. 


I would file the claim ASAP as you usually only have 4 hours to report the missing items or damage (for those who's bags are damaged). 


I would file the report with Southwest and TSA as some things are taken by TSA and not Southwest. You could also consider a police report. 



Re: Items stolen from bag

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@rh1352 most of us here are customers and it is a public forum so you may want to edit your post (click the gear icon) to remove the reference to your claim number.

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