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Lap child

Explorer C

Hi there! Help! I have a flight tomorrow morning super early and have been searching high and low for my 6 month olds birth certificate and cannot find it. Does anyone know what other forms of age verification they’ll accept? What happens if I don’t have the proper documents? Thank you!!! 


Re: Lap child

Aviator A

If your child is only 6 months there's a strong chance they won't ask to verify. If they do, I believe they may accept vaccination records or something faxed from your doctor's office. If you have no documentation that suffices, you may be asked to pay for a ticket for the child. This may be refunded after travel if you're able to provide a birth certificate at that time, by reaching out to customer service.


Contact Chase Customer Service 

Re: Lap child

Aviator A

I think you are already on your trip, but SW's site says:


  • Southwest Employees may ask for age verification at any point within the Customer journey, so Customers should travel with a copy or original of any government-issued ID, such as a birth certificate or passport, for their Lap Child.

They will absolutely accept pictures of the document, and I have found they are very lenient, especially if the child is tiny. Worst case, you can take anything that shows the child's birthdate.


I think you will be fine, but -- of course -- SW is within their rights to enforce the rules. Hopefully whatever you will be able to provide will work. Good luck!


-A List, Companion Pass holder