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Last Name change

Explorer C

Can someone from Southwest please help me . I’ve called two times to see what can be done or what I need  To change my last name on the ticket. Both reps were so rude- anyways I booked my trip with my Madien name and two weeks ago I became A US citizen and changed my last name. I applied For my us passport with my new last name and still have my DL with my madien name that matches my ticket. How do I change My last name to match my passport? My flight is next Sunday ? 


Re: Last Name change

Aviator A

Unless you are flying internationally there's no need to change the ticket as you have a driver's license that matches your ticket.


If flying international you'll need the ticket to match your passport. If that's the case, you'll need to either call Southwest or contact them via Twitter (@SouthwestAir). Simply explain that you booked the flight with your maiden name and need to change it to your married name so it matches your new passport. Usually they will require you to send in proof of the change, a marriage license should suffice. Ask how to fax or email it in so the change can be made quickly.



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