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My family and I have a layover in Chicago and are concerned about our baggage.  Will we need to pick our baggage up from the baggage claim or will it automatically be transferred onto our connecting flight?


Re: Layover

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Hi there! As long as you are connecting from one flight to another as part of the same trip (both flights are part of the same confirmation), your bags will be transferred. 

For peace of mind, when you check your bags before leaving, you can confirm the tag has the airport code for your final destination. 

SW transfers countless bags every day for connecting passengers, so there is no need to be concerned. 

Happy flying, and while you’re at it, a popular stop at Midway in Chicago is Nuts on Clark.


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Re: Layover

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The exception being flights coming from international locations.  When you return from international locations you do need to collect your bags at your first stop in the US , go through customs, then recheck your bag.


As @elijahbrantley said, you can always confirm with the agent where to get your bag when you check in.