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Lost luggage

New Arrival

Hello everyone,I had my luggage lost with a gun and bullets inside my luggage with other things.I wanna know who to talk with or speak to.I don’t want no one to get hurt,harm or anything’s an horrible feeling going thru this.


Re: Lost luggage

Top Contributor

Did you file a lost baggage claim with Southwest? 

That's the process for dealing with a lost bag, with or without a firearm.



Re: Lost luggage

Active Member

I hope you spoke to onsite SWA staff at your destination and at a minimum have your baggage claim tickets# and the names of the SWA personnel you spoke with. I would also recommend sending this information along with details on your firearm and ammunition in email directly to Southwest and cc the TSA.

Firearms stolen or floating around in limbo is Serious business and from a liability perspective you want all bases covered. 

Hope you recover your property soon!