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Lost luggage

Explorer C

We fly SW exclusively. My son was home for Christmas for the first time in 10 years.  The lady in Portland Oregon put the wrong tag on his bag.  We contacted SW many times looking for his bag when he arrived in Buffalo. Some people said it was in Portland still, Las Vegas, Baltimore, east coast.  By chance on day 3 he was bumped on a phone while on hold to a lady in Columbus Ohio who was working. Named Roxanne.  She located the bag in Baltimore.  The lady in Buffalo sent a request for a red suitcase, he told her bright pink.  So it began.  Our special trip turned to phone calls and stress. He had nothing but his clothes he wore and his dog. Sure he got his luggage the day before he left back home but the voucher, although appreciated doesn't help when we made the numerous calls with SW not contacting us. Very aggregated about the staff telling us for 3 days it was someplace it was not.  Not to please with service. 


Re: Lost luggage

Aviator A

Sorry that your son had problems.


The unfortunate fact is that every airline misplaces, and yes loses, luggage. It's

not always easy to find the missing piece when, like Southwest, you fly over 160,000,000 people in a year. Every airline does it's best to look for and reunite missing luggage with their owners, Likewise every airline provides people with the best information available about the status of missing luggage. As you learned that information is not always correct. The airline did not intentionally lie to you.


SW apparently provided your son with a voucher for his trouble. What more would you want Southwest to do.


If your son wants to file a format complaint with Southwest, here's how he can do so: