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Lovely front desk attendant

New Arrival

Want to share my great (sarcasm) experience with the check in attendants at Spokane airport. A very inattentive desk worker told me my final destination airport was completely closed. Little panicked after that, was trying to see when next flight was asap. Attendant was very flippant about it saying “oh maybe tomorrow or next week”. Find one for next day. Driving home, confused because all online information does not show closings or cancelllations. Call Southwest service, was told no we don’t have any flights cancelled or airports closed. Upset by this, drive back to airport to speak to a manager. Was told manager wasn’t available. One attendant told me they will accommodate for flight/get me on my original flight even though I was a little late by now. Run and get bags. Lady ignoring us, push us onto other lady who made the original mistake of telling me my flight was cancelled. Is then told no we aren’t getting you on this flight, will try to find one later today. Get another flight finally later that day. After all that stress, attendant just gives an insincere apology and tries to lie her way out. Ridiculous.