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MCO flight canceled

New Arrival

Flight home delayed. Then was completely canceled to next day. Will airline provide hotel and travel vouchers? 


Re: MCO flight canceled

Top Contributor

Most likely not, it would depend on the reason for the cancellation.  If you don't like the new schedule be sure to look for other options.  You may be able to travel on the original day with an additional stop or other adjustment.  If you received an email notice you may be able to make these changes online.  If you didn't receive any notification you would probably need to call or speak to someone at the airport if you are already there.



Re: MCO flight canceled

Top Contributor

If your flight was cancelled due to weather you would be responsible for your lodging for the extra night. If the airline cancelled because of maintenance then the airline would usually put you up in a hotel. 


Your best bet is to speak to an agent at MCO to see what they can do. 


Today there has been weather In Texas and this morning in Chicago and North East so this could have caused a domino effect to your flight. 

Re: MCO flight canceled

Active Member

I always think it unfair when it is a knock on effect. I had American once cancel a 10pm flight out of DFW because a flight at 6am out of DCA was cancelled due to weather. They said it was weather related. No. Weather 16 hours earlier halfway across the country does not make my flight cancelled due to weather. 


Now, I buy all of my personal tickets with a Chase Sapphire Reserve Card. Airline cancels my flight and claims weather? Chase pays for a hotel. However, since switching to Southwest three years ago, I haven't had a single flight cancellation in over 200 flights. American? Ha!