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Major Career Change

Explorer C

Greetings future flight mates!


After 23 years being a pediatrician, I am about to embark my training to become a commercial airlines pilot.  Specifically, I want to become a pilot for Southwest.


Why?  I am heeding John F. Kennedy's call: "Ask not what your country can do for you; ask what you can do for your country."


There is currently a 15,000 pilot shortage in the aviation industry.  Our nation could use one less doctor and one more pilot.


Aviation is also in my blood.  My grandfather was in the first Chinese air force.  Both of my uncles flew fighter jets back in the days.


The same qualities that allow me to be a doctor also prepared me to be a pilot.  Working hard toward a goal and overcoming obstacles?  Check!  Solving problems while staying calm in an emergency?  Done that plenty of times saving babies.  Having a heart to serve others and working well as a team?  That's what I do every day.


I am dedicated to serve my country and my fellow citizens.  I am the incoming president of my Rotary Club.  Service Above Self is our motto.


See you in the air!


Re: Major Career Change

Aviator A

Duplicate post. Spam?



Re: Major Career Change

Explorer B

My thoughts as well.  Or maybe he just wanted to make sure SOMEONE saw it.