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Explorer C

Why on earth is Southwest the ONLY airline to not board Active Duty Military first? My son left to head back to his station this morning and boarding early was not an option.  And to those who won’t board if your not in fatigues or uniform...Marines do not travel in those! It’s almost disrespectful! 


Re: Military

Explorer A

Boarding first on other airlines isn't all that meaningful since they have assigned seating.  It is a show of respect but doesn't really impact anyone else's seating.  If Southwest had assigned seating I wouldn't care all that much if I boarded last.  In fact I'd prefer to.

Re: Military

Explorer C

The same thing happened to my son yesterday when returning from leave. Even though he had his military ID they told him that he cannot board if he is not in uniform. He ended up being one of the last people to board and then had to take whatever seat was left.

There is no way that this airlines cannot know that our military does not travel in uniform...for their own protection.

My family and I will never use southwest airlines again due to their complete disrespect of those who defend our freedom.