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Re: Mobile Boarding Pass not always available

Explorer C

Agree with all of you...  instead of Southwest just telling us that we cannot get a mobile boarding pass on a multi-person reservation,  how about just listening to our requests (thousands of them)   to add this function capability into their I.T. system!   Or,  tell us WHY they cannot offer.    Think that's what world class customer service is all about -- listenting to the concerns, issues, suggestions of their customers.   There is a lot to like about Southwest Airlines and this may seem like a petty request,  but it IS an inconvenience and other airlines/competitors offer mobile boarding passes so don't get why they are not listening.  Shouldn't be that difficult -  ask one of your Millennials to re-write the program. 

Re: Mobile Boarding Pass not always available

Explorer C

Sign me up for the petition.  Asinine policy.  I got a response on Twitter but didn't see the answer anywhere in the FAQ.  They don't even seem to have a "multi-passenger reservation" section though they have policies (or limitations) on those reservations.  The mobile boarding passes section of the FAQ says it's available on all domestic flights. False.

Re: Mobile Boarding Pass not always available

Explorer C

I wanted to follow up in this thread since we were all beating up on @LindseyD so much.


I noticed in August (it may have been updated sooner though) that the SWA app now supports mobile boarding passes for the person logged in on the app. This solves the big complaint I had. We each have a device, and we each get our mobile boarding passes even when we're on a multi-passenger reservation. I love it.


Thank you for the update Southwest! My family and I have used it for several trips now without a hitch.




Re: Mobile Boarding Pass not always available

Explorer C

For the concern in the original question, I found a solution...ish. domain always reroutes me to on my phone. From Google, I click the three dots and select "view as desktop". This allows me to use the desktop site. Then I go to my reservation and print boarding passes. When selecting printer, I select save as PDF. Now all the passes are saved in my downloads in one location.

Re: Mobile Boarding Pass not always available

Explorer C

After speaking with a representative from Southwest, I have a definitive answer...  yes each individual can view their boarding pass on their own device. 

Here is how: All of the passengers need to create a Rapid Rewards account on


First - log onto the website from your laptop or desktop

Second - click on:   FLIGHT | HOTEL |  CAR | VACATIONS

Third - click on: manage reservations

Forth - click on: Add Rapid Rewards number

Fifth - enter flight confirmation number and passenger information 

Sixth - enter Rapid Rewards number (you can get their Rapid Rewards number by logging on and clicking: My Account)


once you've done this for each person, they can go on the app and view their mobile boarding pass.