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Mobile Boarding Passes for Youngsters on Multi-Passenger Itineraries

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If you’re like me, you were excited to read this recent announcement from Southwest about the ability for all travelers on multi-passenger itineraries to retrieve a mobile boarding pass via the Southwest app or mobile site! This is a huge enhancement and addresses many requests on the Community and from Southwest fliers in general.


For this functionality to work, there are a few things to keep in mind. Each traveler:

  • May only retrieve his or her own mobile boarding pass only
  • Will need his or her Rapid Rewards number associated with the itinerary (Gotta get those points!)
  • Must be using the most up-to-date version of the Southwest app and logged into his or her own Rapid Rewards account
  • Must be eligible for mobile boarding passes

Again, this is great news, but I have a unique situation that requires some creative thinking: our two year old daughter has her own Rapid Rewards account, but she obviously doesn’t carry a cell phone. Given that each traveler must retrieve his or her own boarding pass, can this new enhancement work for us? The short answer is yes! It just takes a few extra steps.


To retrieve my own mobile boarding pass, I can use the app or mobile site to check in and then save the boarding pass to Apple Wallet or Google Pay on Android. Next, I can log myself out and then log into my daughter’s Rapid Rewards account. From there, I can check her in and then save her boarding pass as well.  


And that’s it! Both of our mobile boarding passes are available on my phone; this is not something that would have been possible prior to this enhancement.  Thanks, Southwest, for continuing to make customer-friendly enhancements to make flying easier!!!


See you on a Southwest flight soon!  Just look for the cute two year old saying, “Hi!” to every person as we make our way onto the plane.

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Re: Mobile Boarding Passes for Youngsters on Multi-Passenger Itineraries

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My sister and her friends were traveling to TPA from DAL 2 weeks a go right after this new enhancement and my sisters friend didn't have the app on her phone because it wasn't compatible so they asked me how do I handle this I told them they could do exactly as you said or they could log in on the app on my sister's phone take a screen shot and text it to the friend and it worked out just fine as well as another option for people who have a smart phone but don't have the app.



Re: Mobile Boarding Passes for Youngsters on Multi-Passenger Itineraries

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Thanks. It's really helpful for those who want to retrieve their mobile boarding pass...

gmail sign up 

Re: Mobile Boarding Passes for Youngsters on Multi-Passenger Itineraries

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I've had the same issue.  I just open in chrome on my phone, check my kid in and have it email me the boarding pass.  I prefer my boarding pass being in my email anyway.  So, I email mine there and then just scan the boarding pass from my email. Email is good because it caches better than apps generally.

Re: Mobile Boarding Passes for Youngsters on Multi-Passenger Itineraries

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We have 8 people on our itinerary.  4 of us have Rapid Rewards accounts, and 4 of us do not.  How do we retrieve the mobile boarding passes for the 4 who do not have Rapid Rewards accounts??

Re: Mobile Boarding Passes for Youngsters on Multi-Passenger Itineraries

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Replying to a old post but it might still be useful to someone or southwest.


Some said southwest made progress with mobile boarding pass but to me there is still a lot to do to make it better.


So let's take an example I'm facing all the time.


I have a companion pass and my son (6 y/o) is the designated companion. Obviously (or not) he doesn't have a cell phone. When we fly, obviously we do it together. I'm also the one who does the booking (obviously) and pay for it. So when I check in, checking in should be done for both of us at the same (make sense right?) and not separately. And on the IOS app, if I can see my boarding pass then I should see his too as he's my designated companion, he flies with me and I'm the one who did the booking and paid for it.


Well, I only see my boarding pass. I don't see his. Now some said, logout and log back in as him and add his boarding pass to the apple wallet. But the question is why the extra steps? Or did I miss something? Any reason (other than privacy) I can't see his boarding pass when we fly together and he's my designated companion?



Re: Mobile Boarding Passes for Youngsters on Multi-Passenger Itineraries

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The reason relates to the two tickets being procured separately - what you describe would work if you bought two tickets at the same time (cash, points, funds, voucher, etc).


Since companion ticket is added separately it gets a separate confirmation number. 

I believe Southwest is working on this issue for check-in at the same time or to award sequential boarding positions. As far as seeing the pass I suggest keep your own in the app and login your companion on mobile web to show the boarding pass and also recommend adding it to the wallet before you leave for the airport in case of connectivity issues.



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