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Hi, All


so recently my boyfriend and I purchased tickets for Christmas and I'm having issues with the mobile app saying there's zero upcoming trips. I put in my name and conformation number, and it'll find the flight but it still won't show up on upcoming trips. I want to use the app for the boarding pass when the time comes to fly.. so I want to figure it out before hand. I'm hoping maybe someone will know why this is happening. Oh and it'll show up now on southwest online account just not mobile. 

this is my first time traveling southwest so the app is slightly different from delta/United/JetBlue's because you can search your reservation and it'll automatically add it to your upcoming trips. 

thank you!


Re: Mobile app

Rising Star

It sounds like your Rapid Rewards number may not be tied to the reservations. 

If not, I bet a quick DM to the Twitter team or the app chat can get that squared away for you. Be sure to provide your conf number and the RR numbers for both you and for him. 

After that, it should show up. Good luck!


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