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Multiple Passengers, One Itinerary, Mobile Boarding Pass

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There is another thread discussing this issue in general, but I wanted to start a new thread with a more clear and correct subject line.


The SWA Mobile App does not support mobile boarding passes when there is more than one passenger on the same itinerary. This limitation is specific to SWA as I and many others have flown UAL, DAL, and AAL with no such issues.


SWA, please fix this limitation ASAP as it is a major hindrance. I frequently travel with my entire family and we're forced to choose:


  1. Book a single itinerary with 4 pax (easy at booking, hassle at check-in, security, and boarding);
  2. Book 4 individual itineraries (hassle at booking, easy at check-in, security, and boarding).






Re: Multiple Passengers, One Itinerary, Mobile Boarding Pass

Retired Community Manager

Hi @trgray,


Thank you for posting in the Southwest Community. We know that multiple boarding passes on the mobile app is a feature in high demand, and we've relayed it to the appropriate groups. 


Re: Multiple Passengers, One Itinerary, Mobile Boarding Pass

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Hi Lindsey,


Perhaps this wheel needs to squeak a little louder? I obviously don't know the coding issues at work here to make this happen, but it doesn't seem like this fix should be taking this long.


It is a hassle to have to wait in line to print a boarding pass just because my husband and I travel together. If 2 images can be sent to my printer, why can't 2 images be sent to my phone?




Re: Multiple Passengers, One Itinerary, Mobile Boarding Pass

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Unfortunately, many issues are being put on the back burner while Southwest completes the conversion to the new "next generation reservation system," and the associated issues that has created. Also, keep in mind that Southwest was one of the last carriers to adopt mobile boarding passes in the first place, so it's unlikely the bugs will be completely worked out and/or full functionality implemented anytime soon. 😞

Re: Multiple Passengers, One Itinerary, Mobile Boarding Pass

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Although it may seem mundane, this is HUGE downfall of Southwest.  Many times have kiosks been out of order, just last week there was a power outage at LAX, and occasionally the lines are very long. For what is arguably one of the most popular airlines with otherwise good service, there is no reason to be so far behind the competitors for multiple mobile boarding passes.  The inability to get a mobile boarding pass, combined with the malfunction of kiosks caused me to previously miss a flight so I don't like taking the chance.  If this option was so difficult many competitors would not have it. I will continue to reach out to customer service and social media accounts because this airline is capable of providing a flawless experience. 

No Mobile Pass Option

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Is this seriously still not an option?  I see posts going back over a year and now have to stand in line on the busiest day vs having our passes loaded in Apple Wallet (that I always do when traveling solo).  Other major alines have this standard industry feature. 

Re: Multiple Passengers, One Itinerary, Mobile Boarding Pass

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Please fix this issue. It is a very big hassle to have to print at the airport, and especially DIA. I fly another airlines at times and I can have more people on my mobile. Southwest needs to get this fixed or I will not fly with my family anymore.  

Re: Multiple Passengers, One Itinerary, Mobile Boarding Pass

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what going on with this???????? Its been a year!

Re: Multiple Passengers, One Itinerary, Mobile Boarding Pass

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Wow. Is Southwest hiring app developers? I sure hope so because this has been an issue for years. Thought I was doing something wrong while preparing for a trip today trying to send my boyfriend his boarding pass. Oh wait, no. Just a giant, far-reaching, incredibly inconvenient bug in the app. Sweet.

Re: Multiple Passengers, One Itinerary, Mobile Boarding Pass

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This post is now 3 months old and still no progress (and I see other complaints go back over a year). This is an absurd restriction that doesn't seem to apply to other airlines. Has this issue actually been added as a future feature? If so, what's the estimate for having it show up?