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Re: Multiple Passengers, One Itinerary, Mobile Boarding Pass

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That's strange.  I've flown Southwest for years as well, and have never ever seen individual confirmation codes for passengers on the same itinerary. I have always pulled up all passengers under the single code they provide for the reservation.


That's the problem. With a single confirmation code for multiple passengers, you cannot use mobile boarding passes.


If each passenger is booked separately, and receives their own confirmation code, they can each check themselves in and use mobile boarding passes.


Previously, using points to book multiple passengers generated individual confirmation codes, but after recent changes to the booking system you now receive a single confirmation code (just like with cash bookings). This exacerbated the mobile boarding pass issue.


Unfortunately, there's no indication that Southwest will have a "fix" for this anytime soon. They don't even really see this as a problem. The official answer is that this is a "feature" they hope to add at some point.

Re: Multiple Passengers, One Itinerary, Mobile Boarding Pass

Aviator A

Re: Multiple Passengers, One Itinerary, Mobile Boarding Pass

Explorer C

Also the Southwest App does not allow multiple profiles on their app so I have to enter my wife’s name, birthday, RR number and KTN after I make a reservation for us using the app. It’s very frustrating and behind the other (UAL, Delta) apps.


when I complained they didn’t understand me and said everyone has to have their own RR account. 😂


on my United app, I can create multiple profiles (with separate frequent flier and known traveler numbers) within the app, then when I make a reservation, I just pick the person or people who are coming on the trip.


90% of the time my wife and I fly together, do they really expect both of us to individually use the app to make an individual reservation  when we fly together? That is double work and we would have different confirmation numbers.


so I agree with your plea for Southwest to update their app. They are already the best airline, they should have an app that is on par with their flights.