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My biggest problem with SWA

Frequent Flyer B

No assigned seats. You pay extra for early bird, and then wait in the terminal and watch the ever-growing line of pre-borders, line cutters, seat savers. Always a gamble I’m where you will sit no matter how much you pay for your ticket.


I have found two ways to deal with this. Either, just don’t wanna bother you, which is what I’ve been doing. We’re flying on airline about you reserve your seat in advance..


Re: My biggest problem with SWA

Aviator A

Open seating isn't for everyone, but it has proven to help speed up the boarding process which in turn helps keep costs low.  There are plusses and minuses with every airline.



Re: My biggest problem with SWA

Aviator A

I love not having assigned seating, personally. It's always an adventure getting a seat and I like being able to choose a window or aisle and I'm not locked into any one type of seat category. I *would* say though that the only potential disservice with Southwest seating is that Southwest does not have any type of "first class" seating like practically every other airline does. There are pros and cons to this. I can't afford first class anyway 😂 so it doesn't really matter to me, but for those who are used to a "first class" section of the plane with extra benefits that typically come with first class service, one might be dissatisfied with Southwest's offerings. Yes, Southwest does have Business Select, but I don't think that compares to a real first class experience. 



Re: My biggest problem with SWA

Aviator C

My biggest problem with EVERY OTHER AIRLINE?   Having to pay exorbitant fees to put a bag in the baggage hold, then watching idiots fight for bin space with bags that are too big. 


Want to bring home a $20 bottle of special wine or spirits?   Oops, it just cost you $30 to check that bag.   That bottle isn't cheap anymore. 


Tell me again why you care where you sit?