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My worst flying experience

New Arrival

Our plane was delayed from the beginning. We were in C zone 24. We were some of the last passengers to board. Of course due to the no assigned seating there were only a few middle seats left. The flight was so crowded there was nowhere to put our carry on. The no assigned seating policy SUCKS!!


Re: My worst flying experience

Rising Star hoo hoo.  Someone else took your bin because you forgot to use free checked bags.   And everyone else deserves a middle seat except you.   Well,  at least 33% of the passengers. 


That's a hoot!  Thanks for making my Friday morning more enjoyable with your comedy stylings.  Much appreciated for the jocular trollery.


Enjoy your weekend! 

Re: My worst flying experience

Rising Star

Not sure what a delayed plane has to do with your seating assignment, it sounds to me like you waited too long to check in and that's why you got a C position. C boards last and often there are only middle seats left because 2/3 of the plane boarded before you - but I've gotten lucky and have gotten an aisle/window seat before. Typically the earlier you check in, the better your boarding position will be - to better your odds even further, some people pay for Early Bird or strive to get A-List status, which automatically checks you in 36 hours ahead of departure instead of 24 hours which is the standard check in time.


Now you know for next time. 



Re: My worst flying experience

New Arrival

I have never been in boarding group C. I'm sure it can be less than ideal. Prior to the increase I bought early bird for almost every flight. Now that the cost has gone up I don't buy it as often. I just set a reminder and make sure I check in 24 hours in advance. I carry the SW Priority card which gives me 4 seat upgrades a year. When I've had high B numbers I've used those seat upgrades. You have options to stay out of C boarding. Spend some money, upgrade your CC or be ready to checkin 24 hours before the flight.