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Never experienced a canceled flight before--any advice?

Explorer C

So my 6pm flight from Vegas to Dallas on Sunday was delayed multiple times and then canceled right around midnight (I was already at the terminal, bags were already checked, etc). The line to talk to a person was truly a quarter mile long and I was exhausted so I didn't bother with it.

My job gives me really cheap hotel discounts, so I got on the discount site and booked a room for myself just to get out of the airport and get some sleep.

Mostly I'm annoyed because I had a direct flight originally and they rebooked me to a flight with a layover. I departed Vegas around 9 am and didn't get home to Dallas until after 6 pm. Then they lost my two checked bags, which I wouldn't have checked if I knew I would be changing planes since they were both small.

The baggage stuff was resolved, but I'm now wondering if Southwest can retroactively reimburse my hotel and maybe compensate me in some way for the miserable delay/cancelation/rebook process? I'm not usually one to be this person (I work in hospitality myself and I know stuff happens that's out of your control), but I've never had this happen to me before and I don't know what you can do/if there's anything to be done when a flight is canceled.

Thank you for any advice!


Re: Never experienced a canceled flight before--any advice?

Aviator A

You can write to Southwest and let them know of your troubles. It's likely that you will receive a voucher for future travel as an apology. It is unlikely that you will receive reimbursement for the hotel.

Use the contact us link at the bottom of this page and send a message.