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Nightmare of a flight

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I was on flight 812 from Punta Cana to Baltimore connecting on flight 8592 to Hartford, I was traveling with my grandma who was in a wheel chair and my cousins, I did our early morning check in, did not let me do my connecting flight to Hartford, it said I need to see agent when I get to Baltimore, when we got there I gave the agent our online paper and she told us Southwest was in the middle of doing a upgrade and a lot of tickets were messed up, we patiently waited since we had a three hour layover, she was nervous we told her to take her time and she was very nice, she figured it after waiting forty five min, since we were on a International flight we had to go through security again, since I had bought some liquor duty free in Punta Cana I had a little wait longer, I gave TSA agent my boarding pass and he opened the liquor bag and he taped it back up and gave us the ok, then gave me my liquor back and we walked to our gate with grandma in her wheel chair, so we waited at our gate and during boarding we realized that my wife’s boarding and mine did not get returned by TSA agent so we go to customer service desk and tell him what happened and gives us new boarding passes, we get in plane we ready for take off, then nightmare begins, they call me and my wife’s name and the customer service agent tells us we need to get of off plane until he can figure something out, my wife tell him we can’t miss our flight will the plane wait and HE YELLS LOUDLY IF YOU DONT GET OFF NOW I WILL GO GET SOMEONE TO DRAG YOU OFF THIS PLANE, my wife says wait I have a elder with me on plane and he says we WILL DRAG HER OFF THE PLANE TOO, at this point I was pissed, so the agent at gate was very nice he walked us up the and talked to us, when we got to the top, the rude customer agent said he could bring us back down that he was looking at something wrong that we are all set, as we walk back down the captain was very pissed and told us to hurry up that we are already five mins very worst experience flying, not that it matters but I am glad I have not booked my flights for August. I have traveled with Southwest for years and I am very dissatisfied with the service and disrespect of Southwest.


Re: Nightmare of a flight

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Hi @quizman1,


The Southwest Airlines Community is not one of our complaint resolution channels, but if you will send me your confirmation number and contact information in a private message, I will make sure you are connected with one of our Customer Service Representatives. We'd like to talk with you and take a closer look at the situation. As you can imagine, we always want our Customers to enjoy the time they spend with us, and we are deeply sorry if we missed the mark.