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No boarding position yet?

New Arrival

My flight is Sunday at 7am. I purchased early bird ($120) and haven't received my boarding positron yet. Isn't it supposed to be emailed to me?


Re: No boarding position yet?

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Southwest reserves your boarding position 36 hours before takeoff.


You get it when you get your boarding pass a max of  24 hours before flight time

Re: No boarding position yet?

New Arrival

Guess I was misunderstanding the info on the website. I took it as you'll be notified 36 hours before the flight and then you can print/save your pass 24 hours before. Guess i'll wait until tomorrow morning. thanks 



Do I need to check in online if I purchased EarlyBird Check-In?

No, EarlyBird Check-In® Customers will be checked in automatically and receive a reserved boarding position 36 hours prior to their flight's scheduled local departure time. Boarding Passes can be printed beginning 24 hours prior to the flight's scheduled local departure time. 

Re: No boarding position yet?

Rising Star

That wording isn't the best - you still need to check in to get your boarding pass - however, the benefit of Early Bird is Southwest checks you in 36 hours ahead vs 24, so you can check in any time and you will already have your boarding position assigned. Without Early Bird, you are at the mercy of whenever you actually check in to get your position, which is why people check in right at the 24 hour mark in hopes to get the best position they can. Early Bird eliminates that hassle.