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No support for iPad2

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When I attempt to launch the Southwest app on my iPad2 I get message that version I'm using has been "retired".  The current version on app store will not work with my iPad2 (Apple no longer privides IOS updates for the device).  Bottom line is that I can no longer use my 1pad2 to arrange travel or check-in with Southwest.  This is problematic as I have traditionally used my iPad2 to check-in while on the road.

Any suggestions?


Re: No support for iPad2

Active Member

While I'm a big Apple customer myself, I do dislike how they quit offering iOS support for older devices as a way to encourage customers to purchase the latest device.

I believe that your only option is to upgrade to an iPad that runs iOS 11. That means upgrading to at least an iPad Air. Refurbished ones are available for under $200 at many vendors.

Re: No support for iPad2

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Instead of buying a new and expensive iPad, another cost effective option is a Amazon  7 Fire Tablet for $49.00.  It doesn’t have a lot of memory, but it would do the job for you. 


Good luck! 



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