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Not allowed to board ?.

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Upon informing SW staff of a medical condition exasperated by a mask, the only option presented was a credit/refund. Apparently people simply can not travel if they have a medical disability.





Re: Not allowed to board ?.

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@alexsunny123, I am sorry you had this experience. 


In this case, Southwest was following the federal guidelines of requiring masks for anyone age two and up along with their published statement about exceptions. You can find that statement here:


  • If you have a disability, as defined by the Americans with Disabilities Act, that prevents you from wearing a mask, but still wish to travel: Southwest is currently finalizing steps for a Customer to take to apply for a disability-related exemption from the mask requirement. The first date Southwest would allow a Customer with an exemption to travel is March 21. When the process is finalized in the coming weeks, Southwest will post more information in this FAQ.

On March 21st, SW will have a published exception policy for those who might require an exception to the federal mask mandate for transportation.


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Re: Not allowed to board ?.

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If you cannot safely wear a mask, Southwest cannot safely accommodate you at this time. If you aren't wearing a mask on a flight, you probably aren't wearing it at other times, leaving you more likely to be positive and spreading. I feel for you, I do, but I'm not willing to risk dying so that you can fly.


Until this is over, I wish Southwest would not make any changes. I have to fly to feed my family, and my 8 year old daughter needs a father.