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Not allowing for Mobile Boarding Pass

New Arrival

I have this problem where I can't use Mobile Boarding Pass even though other family members can pick Mobile Ordering. I'm not sure why because every time I fly, I have to print it but I can't email or use Mobile. Can someone explain if I can change the preference?


Re: Not allowing for Mobile Boarding Pass

Top Contributor

I know to use mobile boarding you would need a rapid rewards account and you would need to be logged in to your own account to obtain it. Are you on the most up to date version of the southwest app? if not that may be the problem I would double check that you are on the newest version. 



Re: Not allowing for Mobile Boarding Pass

Rising Star

In addition to what @bec102896 said, there are some situations where fliers would not be eligible for a boarding pass.  From SW's site:


"All passengers that are eligible to obtain a printed boarding pass should be able to utilize the mobile boarding pass option. However, passengers traveling on certain types of fares may not be eligible. Infants, unaccompanied minors, individuals traveling on Senior Fares that need to be age verified, nonrevenue passengers, and Military Fares are not eligible to receive a mobile boarding pass."

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