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OK For Southwest Airlines Flight Attendants to Publicly Bash Passengers on Social Media???

Explorer C

Dear Southwest Airlines:

Isn't Commercial Air Travel stressful enough without having to worry about being abused by your Flight Attendants?  I thought you were the GREATEST Commercial Air Carrier until today.  Then I discovered that one of your Flight Attendants went public on Social Media and based a #TrumpSupporter.  

Southwest flight attendant is in hot water over a Facebook comment about a passenger wearing a Trump shirt
"So this is how they treat passengers?"

America is a Capitalist Society with Free Markets and Free Choices.  Every day, we vote with our dollars for the companies that provide the best products and services and value for our dollars..

So you have no choice but to do the following as soon as possible:  

Put out a public statement in print and social media:


1)  Announce that your have terminated the disrepectful, rogue SWA Flight Attendant described in the article.


2)  State that SWA Passengers will never again be ridiculed for their appearance or political beliefs


3) Apologize to ALL Trump Supporters for the needless and senseless pain and frustration that was caused by this insensitive attack on a Trump Supporter.


Otherwise, expect to lose a whole lot of Southwest Customers who support President Trump. 


Thank you for you prompt attention this matter.  A copy of these demands will be typed and printed and mailed to your President and CEO with a similar demand for action.


William Favre Slater, III

Chicago, IL  


Re: OK For Southwest Airlines Flight Attendants to Publicly Bash Passengers on Social Media???

Aviator A

@billslater this is primarily a customer forum so it's open to anyone so you may want to edit your post (click the gear icon) to remove your email address.


This third party linked article includes the following wording:


Southwest spokesman Chris Mainz said Kaminski's post on the airline's Facebook page was removed "as we investigate and address the issue internally.''


He also further apologized for the post many considered out of line for a service employee and an invasion of the passenger's privacy. (He was not identified in the post.)


"We aim to provide outstanding service to all who travel with us,'' Mainz said in a statement to USA TODAY. "The post in question does not reflect the inclusive environment we strive to provide for our customers and employees."

Customer | Home airport DCA

Re: OK For Southwest Airlines Flight Attendants to Publicly Bash Passengers on Social Media???

Aviator A

Of course that particular FA's actions were unacceptable. And I'm certain Southwest will discipline him appropriately, as they have stated. End of story.


Southwest has consistently made it clear that they value and respect all their customers. I see no reason why this one-off incident would suggest anything has changed.


You, however, have no right to demand knowledge of or direction in disciplinary action between an employee and their employer. Particularly one covered by a collective bargaining agreement. Sorry, that's just not how it works.


You are free, as you stated, to stop using Southwest should you find this unacceptable. Personally, I think that would be ill-advised, and would recommend viewing the company based on a totality of positive experience and not emotional reaction to an isolated incident.







Re: OK For Southwest Airlines Flight Attendants to Publicly Bash Passengers on Social Media???

Adventurer C

"...abused by your flight attendants?"


"...needless and senseless pain and frustration?"


"...expect to lose a whole lot of Southwest Customers?"


"...copy of these demands?"


Sheesh, Bill. I thought hyperbolic outrage was something most Trump supporters eschew and often chide the other party for displaying. And isn't there an uproar when someone from that same other party seeks to hold a company hostage through some list of petty demands in response to the words of the company or one of its employees?


I voted for Trump in the last election but can't picture myself being so rabid and thin-skinned that a single random social media post by an off-the-clock detractor is going to trigger in me a cataclysmic meltdown. And it's certainly not going to cause me to walk away from SWA, especially when I suffered absolutely no personal harm or inconvenience. 


I'm confident I'll sleep just fine tonight and that I will enjoy each one of my 22 SWA flights scheduled between now and mid-December.


I do thank you, though, for posting the story link. I obviously missed it on all the major news outlets this week because of the really important matters of life, family and work that call for my time and attention on a daily basis. 


Have a pleasant weekend.

Re: OK For Southwest Airlines Flight Attendants to Publicly Bash Passengers on Social Media???

Aviator A

It doesn’t take much flying on SW to understand that this was an isolated incident. SW didn’t even have to state that this is out of character for them for me to know it is out of character for them. 

But I have to leave it up to them to handle it appropriately, and I expect that they will. And political leanings aside, I won’t boycott the airline with the best customer service in the biz over the actions of one, however irresponsible. 

-A List, Companion Pass holder