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Open Checked Baggage and missing Items

Explorer C

I am a frequent traveller once in 2 or 3 weeks from San Jose to Portland and return to San Jose after 2/3 days.
On Friday Feb 14, 2020 evening I flew from San Jose to Portland. When I pickup my checked baggage zip was slightly open, which happened many times.
But I didnt open at baggage claim, and opened after I reach home. I found a very precious Sweet gift I have received from India was missing.
This was kept as is store packed box 5 X 5 inch. I felt so unhappy as I wanted to share this item with my family at Portland home.
It was 12am by the time I reached home, and had no energy to drive 20 miles back to Airport and claim the missing items as advised to meet the 4 hour dead line.
Not sure this was stolen in SJC or in PDX airport. Many times I found the checked baggage packed food snack items were opened inspected and not properly put it back.
Also found the items were missing. Its so scary to use the 2 free checked baggage advantage of Southwest Airlines.


Re: Open Checked Baggage and missing Items

Aviator A

Sorry to hear about your missing item.


It's hard to tell who is responsible: airport employees in two cities, airline employees in two cities, or TSA employees. Over the years, all three types of employees have been caught pilfering things.


Of course TSA could have searched your luggage (they frequently do) , and your itme just fell out of your bag - you did say that the zipper was partly open. 


This kind of thing happens on all airlines.


I guess that I'd do two things: contact SW, and file a claim with TSA. Unfortunately, even if you get resolution there, it probably won't result in your item being returned to you.

Re: Open Checked Baggage and missing Items

Explorer B

It may have simply fallen out. 


Or, it could have been swiped by airport baggage handlers, or TSA.   TSA is supposed to leave a note in the bag if they check it, and usually they will mark on the outside luggage tag also.  (They are under no obligation to re-pack your bag they way you had it.)  TSA bag search areas usually have video surveillance, which definitely discourages theft.  But it's possible.


Baggage handlers are the more likely culprit, if it's a case of theft.  They generally make less money, are vetted more poorly, and have greater access to the bag, especially in areas such as cargo holds where there is no video surveillance.   Nonetheless, I'd contact TSA (soon) and ask them to investigate.   They do look into such matters, and when they find theft they can (and do) fire TSA personnel.   I can't really advise you on the airline aspect because I know less about their operations, but it can't hurt to file a claim.