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Open Seating and Business Select

Explorer C

My husband and I purchased 3 Business Select seats for the two of us.  Are we permitted to keep the middle seat open?  We did purchase 3 seats, so the middle seat has been ticketed.


Re: Open Seating and Business Select

Aviator C

Nope.   The extra ticket will be canceled. 


If you're Xtra Size, you can get a free empty seat if you ask.   But I don't know how they check.

Re: Open Seating and Business Select

Aviator A

Keep in mind you are NOT buying a business class product, there is no difference in seating between a Wanna Get Away fare and Business Select.  As mentioned, buying a third seat does nothing since it will be cancelled either before the flight since Southwest automatically cancels duplicate bookings or when the 3rd person no-shows for the flight.  Open seating means open seating and anyone can decide they would like to sit in between or next to you.  Do you really need the refundability of the Business Select fare?  If not, cancel and rebook as Wanna Get Away with Earlybird Check-in and save yourself a bunch of money.