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Passenger with a walker

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Last week I had the pleasure of traveling on a flight where I observed a young lady(actually an elderly person) using a walker that she clearly needed, she already had it tagged to be gate checked, and waited in the general boarding line. The gate agent offered that she could have pre-boarded, but she did not want anything in the way of special treatment.

I had changed my flight the day before so I was waiting to board between the A & B groups. So I was in the "front area" waiting. It was refreshing to see a gate agent in a good mood and who was tactful enough to offer the pre-boarding option but not insult the passenger.

Very refreshing.

This observation, unfortunately, was followed up by a mother with her teenage daughter and the "biggest" 6 year old I have ever seen, claiming the need use family boarding for all three of them, they all had C boarding passes. The gate agent acquiesced and allowed this clearly fraudulent abuse of family boarding to take place.

Back to typical boarding reality.

Bless that Gate Agent a thousand times over.   


Re: Passenger with a walker

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