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People who choose the middle seat...

Aviator A offense intended to @TheMiddleSeat !


Some people love the middle seat on a plane. We have questions. - The Washington Post



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Re: People who choose the middle seat...

Aviator A

So many thoughts...


Thanks for sharing the article!



Re: People who choose the middle seat...

Aviator A

Ha! This tweet is what started the whole discussion: 


"losing my mind, just offered the aisle seat to the guy sitting between me and my gf on a flight, and he said he’d rather stay in the middle seat between us"


And this is by far the best reply: 


"Real energy vampire is the one who booked two seats apart and is now making it someone else’s problem"


I just don't understand how someone booked 2 seats *apart* from each other and then expected someone to move from their assigned seat? This obviously was not a Southwest flight, because it wouldn't happen!