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Pet Travel

New Arrival

Me and my buddy are flying to long beach on January 21st, 2019, at this point we are not bringing any sort of pets with us. but on the day that we are gonna get on our flight back to Sacramento, I might have to bring 2-4 small baby crested geckos and i will have a well-ventillated plastic shoebox tote. is there anything that I have to do in order for me to fly with the baby geckos? will they count that as an additional bag? do I have to have an assigned pet carrier to bring the small reptiles on board with me?


Re: Pet Travel

Rising Star

I'm afraid that would like not be allowed.  You can find info about travelling with pets here and about emotional support animals here.  


My understanding of these policies would not accomodate you travelling with geckos since cats and dogs are the pets that are allowed on board, since they would not be service or emotional support animals, and since pets cannot be checked.  


It's probably not the answer you hoped for, but I hope it helps!




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