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Phoenix Airport Wifi and Southwest Airlines App

Explorer C

Hi, I have been unable to use my Southwest app. in the Phoenix airport for the last two years using the free Wifi provided by the airport. This includes trying to connect to the Southwest Website thru google. The response when trying is: Server unable to connect. Yesterday, this caused an issue because I was not notified of a gate change. Also unable to open up my boarding  pass. I have an iphone 12, but I was having the same problem with my iphone 8

Any help would be greatly appreciated, thank you



Re: Phoenix Airport Wifi and Southwest Airlines App

Aviator A

When you connected to the PHX airport WiFi did you go and agree to the airport WiFi terms? If not this might be the issue as some airports and other businesses make you agree to terms before the internet will work. 


If you agreed to the terms are you able to access other websites? Could you access (instead of the app)


With boarding passes I would take a screenshot or save boarding passes to the wallet that way you don't have to fight with airport internet as it can be stubborn from time to time. 


With gate changes it's always good to check the departure board from time to time if you see a lot of people leaving your gate just in case a gate change occurs. 



Re: Phoenix Airport Wifi and Southwest Airlines App

Aviator A

Don't forget that you can access if the app is giving you trouble.

Re: Phoenix Airport Wifi and Southwest Airlines App

Aviator A

It def may be the situation mentioned where you have to re-agree to the captive portal (pop-up) info every time you enter the airport. I have this issues at some retail stores. My phone remembers the connection, but it does not prompt me to authenticate every time I walk in/it connects. So I have issues.


Is the issues isolated to the SW app/site, or have you noticed it with other apps/sites?


-A List, Companion Pass holder

Re: Phoenix Airport Wifi and Southwest Airlines App

Aviator C

Why are you using wifi when you have a phone that should be perfectly capable of getting cellular data? 

Re: Phoenix Airport Wifi and Southwest Airlines App

Frequent Flyer C

Don’t ever connect to free wifi anywhere. 

Bad guys can easily set up hotspots with the same name as the legitimate free wifi and steal all the information on your phone while you browse the SWA app or anything else. 

Grt an unlimited plan from your cellphone provider.


Free wifi is never worth the risk.