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Plane Change in Las Vegas

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I have a flight tomorrow with a plane change in Las Vegas. Do I need to go back through security or can I head straight to the new gate? I have about 90 minutes between landing and take off on the new plane.


Re: Plane Change in Las Vegas

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Assuming you are flying all domestic, you will not have to go back through security.  You will just go from your arriving flight to the gate of your new flight.  You can find the gate info in the Southwest app or on the screens in the airport.


If you are coming on an international flight, you will have to clear US Customs and Boarder Protection before going to your connecting flight.

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Re: Plane Change in Las Vegas

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I believe LAS is domestic only for Southwest flights, so that should be fine.


The only minor hiccup that you may encounter is that Southwest has been very busy at LAS, and now has gates in two concourses, both in "Terminal 1". The bulk of the gates are in the C-concourse, and they have also taken over one pod (or two pods?) of the old school concourses, B.


As part of the expansion a walkway was added between the two, easily walkable end-to-end at a liesurely pace in 20 minutes, without going through security. If you had visited the airport five years ago, you would have had to exit security to go between C and B, but now there is a walkway in the air-side.


The only downside is that you don't want to be caught by surprise at the last minute if you didn't realize you had a B gate depature while you were hanging out at the food court in C gates or vice versa.


There are Starbucks in both concourses, and a large food court at the end of C gates. Not as much action that I've been able to see in the B gates, these are the older style round gate areas with less room for amenity. 


There's a people mover in C gates - don't necessarily take this, it is not much of a short-cut to the B gates, it will go past the walkway where you'll have to walk almost as far backtracking as you would have had to walk directly anyway. Maybe it saves a minute or two from the far end, but be careful not to accidentally exit security when you get off the tram. If you are in C gates you don't need it either.




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