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Please HELP lost Luggage

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I'm hoping this forum can help me out. I've called and spoke to so many people (Alex, John, Melissa, Kimberly, John, etc)  but NO ONE can give me a straight answer. 

I flew from Denver to Houston yesterday 3/27. But my one bag I checked did not make the trip. Everyone keeps telling me my bag is in Denver and will make the next flight. But apparently theirs been 5-6 flights and my bag is STILL in Denver???? I tried and left several messages at the Denver luggage claim but NO RESPONDS. 

I don't mind flying back to Denver and searching for my bag myself??? 

Can someone please reach out or give me a different number for Denver. Just something to help out. PLEASE......PLEASE.....PLEASE.....


Robert Tysdal



Re: Please HELP lost Luggage

Top Contributor

You won't get a response from Southwest here. Your best (and only?) bet is to file a lost bag claim and wait.

Good luck



Please HELP lost Luggage

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I'm trying to understand your situation, (even though I can't help)  I've had my bag not show u and then gone to the person on duty at the site I landed.  They clicked on my checked bag stub and knew exactly where it was, and when it would probably arrive.  (Their mistake and I got a voucher)  But they knew where it was.  Did you not show your checked bag stub to someone for them to scan?  I do hope you find your bag, just be prepared for the fact that not everybody is honest and turned it in.