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Policy suggestion for Preboard Nonsense

Explorer C


It is the policy of Southwest Airlines to ensure the safety of all passengers, including those with a need to pre-board that after boarding upon arrival all those who have been pre-boarded will deplane after the plane has been emptied of all other passengers to avoid any accidents with wheelchairs and other impediments by other person, leaving the plane


In order to comply with safety regulations all those who enter the plane via wheelchair must also exit via  Wheelchair and can exit the plane more easily after it has been emptied of other passengers and all of their bags


Re: Policy suggestion for Preboard Nonsense

Aviator C

Such practices would result in lawsuits until time itself comes to an end.  There is no basis to require someone who boards early to wait until the plane is otherwise empty to exit. 


It is my belief that your suggestion is designed to discourage people from preboarding via wheelchair.


The only way to approach a partial fix is to require a medical certification like we have to handicapped parking.  However, there will continue to be preboarding as people would see a doctor to get the certification and those will be approved, I assure you.