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Poor service

Explorer C

The customer service in Tulsa Airport is very poor. They were not helpful or friendly when I requested assistance. I could not check in on computer and they dismissed me and continued to help other customers. 2 women not at all the Southwest hospitality I'm used to. Shame on you! It's difficult for older customers to navigate sometimes, try and help people! 


Re: Poor service

Aviator A

I'm sorry to hear that 2 agents were not providing the great customer service many of us have come to know and love. 


If you would like to share your feedback with Southwest directly I recommend reaching out through one of the methods listed here: Submitting a Suggestion and/or Complaint 



Re: Poor service

Aviator A

I fly to TUL at least once a year - I find it to be one of the more relaxing airports, since it's pretty small. I've never had a bad customer service situation there. Sorry you did!