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Pre-Boarders saving multiple exit row seats for family

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Unreal.  Just Boarded #550 LAS to MDW.  Some lady uses preboard and proceeded to try & save row 11 and entire exit row for family.  At 6'9" and loyal SWA flier I quetioned it and raised concern.  My position was A17 with only 4 biz select. Was it wrong to voice concern?  It's getting out of hand with folks saving seats.  Signing off.  Jammed in for this 4 hour flight


Re: Pre-Boarders saving multiple exit row seats for family

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Hi there 


here is what I think happened flight 550 starts in another city before going to Vegas so some people may be doing a 1 stop no plane change which means they were already on the plane before pre boarders in LAS and they don't have to get off the plane and re board so they can move seats before you get to board.


hope this clears up your concern 


happy Travels


Re: Pre-Boarders saving multiple exit row seats for family

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Thanks for posting in the Southwest Airlines Community. I'm sorry to hear you were a little short on space on your recent flight. While we don't have a rule for or against the saving of seats, there are some rules in place to ensure the Safety of all Customers. One of them is that preboarders should not sit in the exit rows, and you are within your rights to voice your concerns to the Flight Attendants if you see this happen. 


Thanks for being a loyal Customer - your patronage is important to to us and we hope to see you onboard again soon. 


Re: Pre-Boarders saving multiple exit row seats for family

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Preboarding has become a joke and I, as an A List Plus and Companion Pass holder, am now going to only fly SW as needed. 18 preboards last flight, I watched after prior to the boarding when they announced a "full flight" a lady go up and say she had a bad back and the attendent handed her a preboard and she was bragging when she got back that she was not gonna board in group B.

I am also 6'7", I have both knees replaced and I could preboard, i could park in handicap parking but i choose not to because people are more needing. I 99% of the time hold A-1 and am simply sick of an elderly 5'5" person sitting in row 1 who once we land has a miracle and struts off the plane

SW needs a wheelchair on wheelchair off mandatory policy and Pre Boards should be made to exit after general population. Also Row 1 especially on short flights should be reserved for business travelers of height, and only open to legit wheel chair bound people.

I fly exclusively in Florida and I love the 10 wheel chairs from Tampa to Fll, dragged on barely walking to seats then low and behold when we land and the cruise ship is waiting dance off the plane after the took the first 4 rows

SW has become a joke and pre boarding is a circus and its time to fly another airline where I can buy my seat and not worry about stuffing my frame into a middle seat for a 35 min flight  The flight attendents on my Baltimore to FLL were openly complaining about the preboards and what a joke it has become

listen to your employees SW

Re: Pre-Boarders saving multiple exit row seats for family

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You are absolutely right on!!!!!  I have just started flying Southwest, and I can't believe the number of passengers who have figured out how to SCAM the system......We tried five times to sit in two seats being saved by the pre-boarded ($15) passengers!!!  I can't imagine how much $$$$$ Southwest is losing.  Before long everyone is going to figure this out and all "B" rows will be in the back of the plane and noone will be able to sit with their spouses, children etc.  What a shame.....Southwest has a great airline.....and I thoroughly enjoyed the experience, but think this has to be rectified.