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Pre boarding with injury

Explorer C

I had ACL surgery recently. I am no longer in a brace, but still do use a cane sometimes for stability.  I move very slow and my knee buckles frequently.  I don't need a wheelchair to board. Would I be able to get pre boarding so I don't have to rush down the walkway risking falling or upsetting others due to my slow pace? My teenager would be with me to assist me when needed. 


Re: Pre boarding with injury

Aviator A

Sorry to hear that you popped your ACL

 -- and it isn't even ski season yet... Hope the recovery is proceeeding well.


Yes, you should be able to pre-board.


Just follow the instructions provided via the link:

Re: Pre boarding with injury

Aviator A

Note: You'll be asked questions regarding your need when you request to pre-board at the gate. Customers with a disability that need either 1) a specific seat on the plane, or 2) assistance boarding are allowed to pre-board. Those needing extra time are asked to board after the A group, before the B one. Make sure that they understand that you'll need assistance.